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  • I have a question about becoming an advertiser.
    You can learn more about becoming a sponsoring advertiser by calling us at 1 (603) 651-7068. We will help you find the golf courses we work with in your area and help you find the best match for your company or organization. ​ We can explain the signage types available at each golf course, pricing information and answer any questions you may have about the design process. ​ We are here for you, call if you have any questions! There is never any obligation to sign up.
  • I’m an advertiser, what now?"
    Welcome to the CP Golf Networks family! Let us make this the best experience possible. The next step you should take is to contact your graphic designer to discuss what you would like your advertisement to look like in order to get your order processed and at the course as soon as possible. If you have your own graphic designer, advise them of the artwork specification requirements - see art specs FAQ below "How do I submit artwork for my advertisement? If you do not have a designer and need assistance, please contact us and we will refer you to a highly qualified designer on our list. Please include your name and contact number in any messages you send us. ​
  • How do I renew my advertisement?
    A representative will contact you each year prior to the billing process to insure your spot on the course. You will then receive an invoice for the current season. If you need to make changes to your sign please contact us 2 (two) months prior to the season start to insure timely re-production of your sign. A production cost will apply.
  • How do I submit artwork for my advertisement?
    Send art file via email as either: - High resolution - EPS Vector file of Pre-designed artwork to fit designated sign size per agreement. - High Resolution Jpeg of Logo along with appropriate text, ie: location, phone, website. Photos are ok - High Resolution Jpeg only. - Full Color, make it "POP" out on the course! ​ Email to: ​ ​Please include your company name in any messages you send us.
  • What if I don't have a Graphic Designer?
    We can reccomend one. They will work with you to create your sign that best represents your business and make it "POP' out on the course!
  • How do I request revisions to the proof I received?
    ​Contact us at (603) 651-7068 or email revisions to: ​
  • Why haven’t I seen a proof yet?
    If you haven’t heard from your designers in what you would consider a reasonable amount of time, (2 weeks is the standard), please contact us at (603) 651-7068 to make sure your artwork was properly received. We can give them a call to help move it along.
  • When will my ad arrive at the course?
    Because we work with each golf course and every advertiser individually to custom create their artwork, it can be difficult to determine a specific print date since each advertiser needs are unique. ​ If you need to know when your advertisement will arrive at the course, please give us a call at 1 (603) 651-7068 or email Once installed on the course , you will receive a picture of your sign on the Tee Marker.
  • I have a concern about my account, who do I talk to?"
    Our goal is to ensure the satisfaction of each customer. If you have any questions, please call us at (603) 651-7068 and we will work with you to resolve any issues you may be experiencing. ​ You can also email us : Customer service is available Monday through Friday 9am until 5 pm Eastern Standard Time. ​ We want this to work for you; we can’t make it right if you don’t tell us there is an issue! Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.
  • Who do I contact with other questions or feedback?
    Please contact Christy Pacheco at (603)-651-7068 or inquire at:
  • What is our golf club responsible for?
    - Installation of client advertising signs on tee markers out on the course - Insurance to be maintained for client signs due to damage, theft or vandalism. ​
  • What is CP Golf Networks responsible for?
    - Sales of Tee sign Advertising signs on the golf course - Invoicing and yearly renewal billing - Collection of contract revenue from clients - Client accounting- receivables/payables and account billing - Aid in design and production of Client Tee signs - Vendor sub-contracting ( sign companies and graphic designers)
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