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Opportunity for advertisers and revenue for golf clubs


Golfers often wait at the Tee to play the hole for up to 10 minutes at a time, maybe more!

Cheers & Foore!
Tee Sign Advertising

Tee sign advertising programs provide extra revenue for the golf course and provide marketing exposure for local businesses.

Bench Signage

Located along busy fairways, bench signage provides excellent exposure to golfers.  They are visible to hundreds of people resting and waiting to play golf. Bench signage establishes a strong presence in the golf course community.

  • Eye-level visibility

  • Individual attention while they rest

  • Visible by walkers and riders

  • Effective use of additional signage space and exposure on the course

Water Shack Advertising

Water shacks are a great location for your message and are highly effective ways to get consumers' attention while golfers get refreshments.

Tee Markers & Golf Club Entrance Signs

Need to replace worn Tee Markers or Road entrance signs? Contact us today, we can help!

Scorecard Advertising

"Scorecard Advertising - More often than not, scorecards come home with the golfer, only to gloat or agonize over their score. Longevity of your marketing dollars for this product is a "sure bet".

Signage opportunities along busy fairways, tee signs, water shed, markers, and more. CP Golf Networks handles the work while you run your club! Offer a cost -free, tri-fold style scorecard to players on your course. Features yardage, handicap, and par information for each hole with a map of the course on the backside. Paid for by local business advertising which means no expense for your golf club.

Advertise your business with CP Golf Networks, we can help put your message in front of your target market.

Give your business "day after day" exposure, leaving a lasting impression. Large group tournaments off up to 144 players, extensive memberships including tourists & seasonal home owners/renters who are an active group of consumers in search of goods & services, activities & attractions away from their primary home base.

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