Adventure Suites: An Adventure at Every Door.

Travelling is all about escaping the ordinary. You pack your dreams and curiosities into a suitcase and lock your daily routine behind your front door. So why travel all that way, simply to spend the downtime portion of your vacation in a room that easily could be mistaken for your friend’s guest room? At Adventure Suites Theme Hotel in North Conway, the day’s excitement doesn’t end when your room key goes in. This one of a kind hotel experience, located on an antique property dating back to the 1950’s, boasts eighteen uniquely themed suites that are guaranteed to add some spice to the most predictable part of your journey. Each suite is uniquely designed with a specific theme in mind, and lavishly decorated to suit. From a fun family adventure in the Treehouse (which is exactly what it sounds like; a two story backyard themed funhouse, complete with real Birch Trees and secret rooms for the kids) to a romantic stay in the valentine’s day themed Sugar Shack, there’s something for everyone and every budget at this truly whimsical resort. I had the chance to take a private tour of the place, and it left me wishing to rent a room myself, regardless of living in the Mount Washington Valley year round. The first thing you’ll notice when you step through Adventure Suite’s doors is the attention to detail. The hotel’s main lobby feels as though you’ve walked onto the set of a hollywood movie, mixed with a gallery of exotic artworks, which owner Kathy Brassill brings back from trips taken around the world. The lobby, which also doubles as a common room is home to a one hundred year old billiard table where guests can shoot pool while enjoying fresh popcorn, made on-site in the lobby’s popcorn machine, free for all guests. The grand fireplace provides a relaxing atmosphere for guests to enjoy a good book from the extensive in house library. Guests also have access to a free breakfast at the 50’s style diner, a free selection of DVDs and a personal jacuzzi in each room! My tour guide took me into some of the vacant suites as we progressed down the hallway. As I mentioned earlier, each suite is a portal to its own little world. The whirlpool jacuzzis are standard in every room, no matter the budget or size. The size of the jacuzzi tends to match the room size, with the largest suitable for 8 people. If you’re looking for a fun place to hold a family party or work event, try to claim the party room. This disco themed suite boasts a working DJ system, complete with staff training to show you how to operate it. The lighting system includes real stage lights, the likes of which can be seen in real nightclubs and professional theaters. The light up dance floor in the downstairs portion (This is after a two story suite) would leave you believing you’ve teleported to a New York City nightclub. It’s something you have to see to believe. Brassil’s team of designers make a point of keeping you convinced you’ve entered a whole new world. Whether enjoying a feature film from your hot tub in Showtime's personal movie theater or discovering ancient messages left on the prehistoric walls of The Cave, you’ll never stop discovering hidden details and unique quirks that you’d scarcely find in any other resort. Amongst the glamour and style of it all, creature comforts and amenities are in no way overlooked. If you’re like me, the morning bathroom ritual is considered a sacred and therapeutic moment of peace before embarking on the day. Adventure Suites has spared no expense to ensure your “you time” isn’t a total washout (I’ve been writing all morning without coffee, please excuse my bad jokes). If you’re lucky, your bathroom will be one of many equipt with a built in shower

entertainment system. Yes, you are reading that right. Waterproof television with a waterproof remote allows you to watch your favorite politicians yell at each other while you power shower. In addition, automated toilets are standard in almost every room. These Toto brand Japanese toilets come with a personal customization terminal located on the wall. You can take control of 15+ functions, including a heated seat. The suite itself also offers a coffee Keurig with free coffee and hot chocolate. A vacation is defined by the memories you make. The pictures, trinkets and jealous coworkers are worth a fraction of the experience you left the comforts of home for. As a child, I spent a night at the Adventure Suites with some classmates to celebrate a birthday, and to this day, the memory stands out as a vivid and exciting anthem of the magic and wonder so many of us only have a chance to experience as children. Adventure Suites will awaken the inner child in you, while catering to the grown up you’ve come to be. From enjoying a glass of wine by the outdoor fire pit as the sun sets over Moat Mountain to losing yourself in your personal escape from reality, this place lives up to it’s namesake and is a true adventure.

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